Welcome to LUX Beauty Training Academy where we turn students from all walks of life into fully qualified nail & lash technicians. We pride ourselves on offering the very best training experience mastered by our founder, Charlotte. We have both online and classroom based training courses that are fully accredited and insurance approved.

Giving you the best

We pride ourselves on offering the pinnacle of cutting-edge training methodologies, available both in-person and online.

Our story began in 2017 when Charlotte, having established a thriving beauty salon, was inundated with requests for training. Thus, she embarked on a journey to provide skill-building lessons tailored for qualified nail technicians seeking to refine their expertise. Over time, demand grew, leading to the evolution of our academy into a hub for aspiring nail technicians.

In 2019, we proudly announced LBTA as a Fully Accredited Training Academy. Charlotte's meticulous attention to detail and wealth of expertise ensure that our courses stand out from the rest.

What sets us apart is Charlotte's personal touch; she curates each course meticulously, whether it's our intensive one-day sessions at our dedicated academy or our comprehensive online courses.

The support teams also been nurtured and hand picked, both originally starting as a team members of our beauty salon, but being brought up and into our academy to help education other aspiring nail techs. Our team arn't just 'educators' they have worked for many years as talented techs, who have been sought after. You're learning from the best.

Upon completion, all our courses are fully accredited, enabling you to secure insurance and embark on your journey as a certified nail technician.

But our offerings don't stop there. In addition to our standard courses, we provide bespoke 1-2-1 skill-building sessions, elevating your career and enhancing your service offerings to your clientele.

100% Student Past Rate

We take immense pride in our classes, backed by over 300 positive independent 5-star reviews and a remarkable 100% student pass rate. LBTA isn't just you average learning centre; it's a passion project that we are genuinely grateful for and our sole focus is on ensuring that each student that enters through our doors, are given the very best in beauty training.

Our Community

Upon enrollment, you'll gain exclusive access to our vibrant WhatsApp group, connecting you with fellow like-minded students and educators. Engage in lively discussions, seek advice, share ideas, and foster a supportive community where learning flourishes.